Baptisms - October 20 & 21
Thank you for your interest in getting baptized at South Hills Church! We believe that baptism is an outward expression of the inner decision you've made to follow Jesus and we want to celebrate that with you.

If you would like to move forward with taking this next step, please fill out the questions below.

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Share your story! (Your life before Jesus, what you experienced when you made the decision to follow Jesus, and what your life is like now.) *
Dave may or may not share your entire story on the day that you are baptized due to time constraints and/or if it's a personal request by you, but he still loves to hear what brought you to this decision.
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Which service would you prefer to be baptized during? *
Do you have a child in Kid Nation who you would like to be present for your Baptism? *
If yes, please check your child into Kid Nation as usual. One of the teachers will bring your child into the sanctuary to watch your baptism and then take them back to their classroom. We would love to help make this a special day for you and for your child(ren) as you take this next step in your faith.
If yes, what is/are their name(s)?
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Which room is/are your child(ren) in?
Would you like anyone to help Baptize you whether it's a parent, leader, mentor etc.? *
If yes, please share a short paragraph of 'who and why' here:
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