Nevada City United Methodist Church
Reopening the Church Survey

Thanks for responding to this survey. This is not a simple or quick process. We are determined to take all available steps to carry forward our commitment to care
for each other. Your feedback will help us as we work. Please respond within 10 days.
Send your ideas to let us know if we’re on the right track.
Name - type your answer below
For you to return to Sunday worship in our Sanctuary, what is the one thing that would let you be most confident about returning? *
Please let us know your personal or family concerns about resuming worship in the building. *
Do you think you’d want to start back attending worship in the building right away, or to wait awhile and continue watching on-line? *
We’ll need a considerable number of volunteers to assist with Sunday morning and building cleaning/sanitizing. Training will be provided. Can you assist in either or both of these areas? If yes, please make sure you add your name at the top. *
Have you anything else to tell us?
Thank you for your responses!
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