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Will you be placing a bid in the Silent Auction? You can take part in the silent Auction once you have donated but Please email proof of donation to *
How much would you like to bid for the Ultimate Runners Pack? If you are the Highest bidder at the end of the Auction next Wednesday we will contact you and then ask that you pay your nominated amount direct to wires. The 2nd 3rd and 4th highest bidders will ONLY have to prove they payed the $15 direct to WIRES to claim their prize (enabling a tax write off for yourself) and once proof is emailed to your prize will be forwarded
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Are you interested in possibly placing more than 1 Silent Action Bid? We will update you on the bid amounts received once on Friday 17th via the Runlab Facebook Page and via email *
Thank you for your Donations and Support. The Auction winners will be announcedon the 27th January 2020, Note bidding closes 6pm Wednesday 23rd January. 100% of all bids are going directly to WIRES
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