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So you want to host a room party...

Tiki Kon room parties are a fun way to meet people from around the world and make new friends. Whether they are planned or impromptu, we know room parties will occur, and we want to make sure that they do not disturb other guests, create a nuisance, or get anyone in trouble with the hotel. State liquor laws and hotel policies are more strict than at other Tiki events around the country, so please bear with us.

We do not occupy the whole hotel. We are not yet large enough for a full buy-out, so there will be non-Kon guests staying on property. We are working with hotel management to minimize noise impacts and may need to assign specific rooms to attendees who want to throw a party.
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How to Host
1. BOOK A ROOM. Use the booking link on our website to take advantage of our low group rate for standard rooms (tikikon.com/get-room). The hotel has a limited number of suites, but you can still host a small gathering in a standard guest room.
2. SIGN UP. Use this form to sign up. Only official room parties that don't go past 10:00 PM will be promoted by Tiki Kon. We may be able to offer suite upgrades at the group rate to select party hosts (based on availability and party details).
3. PLAN YOUR PARTY. How will you decorate? What food and drinks will you serve? Do you need to find volunteers to help? Is it a small, invitation-only gathering, or an official room party that's open to all Tiki Kon guests? There's a lot to figure out!

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Name of your party
Please provide a name for your party. If you come up with something better later, you can contact us and change it (email us at info@tikikon.com).
Description of party
Describe what makes your room party unique, how you will decorate, what drink(s) you plan to serve, who is helping you organize it, and any other information about it.
What type of room have you reserved?
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What type of party are you hosting?
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Will your party go beyond 10:00 PM?
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When is your party?
We don't assign specific time slots for room parties. You are welcome to host them anytime during Tiki Kon weekend, for as long as you like. If you don't want your party to conflict with a particular show or symposium, check our event schedule for the weekend lineup: tikikon.com/lineup/schedule. If you are hosting an official room party or hospitality suite, we will contact you for exact hours before listing your party in event schedules.
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