Austen Survey
Dear Austenite,
The success of our recent Persuasion online chat and our bookclub meeting on July 27 (described by one as "the best meeting yet"), prompted some great feedback.  Thank you for your contributions. 
Looking ahead to next year and beyond, I'd like to continue sharing my extensive knowledge of Austen and her work with you as well as reach a wider audience. I have come up with some ideas that incorporate my skills and offer more value. 
I'd love your feedback so that what I offer is actually something that you want.
What do you love about the Austen community?
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What's missing? / What would you like to see or do more of? / What isn't on offer?
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How would you prefer to do a group read (and possibly reach more people)?
What other potential topics would you like to cover?
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What would you be willing to pay for?
What would you be willing to pay for these?
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Anything you'd like that isn't included above?
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Would you like to stay informed?
Would you like to help develop these new things?
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