MSA Standards for Schools: PARENTS
As the South Bergen Jointure Commission proceeds through the accreditation process, an important measure of the district's “current reality” is assessing itself against the 12 Middle States Standards for Accreditation. These standards and indicators take a holistic look at the entire school program, resources, and environment from the perspective of all of the district's stakeholders—parents, students, staff, and others. In order to be accredited, the South Bergen Jointure Commission must meet or exceed the 12 Middle States Standards for Accreditation. The survey you are about to take includes a number of indicators for every Standard and you will be asked to assess the level at which the school meets each indicator.

Your results are completely anonymous. We ask that you please fill this out with one hundred percent honesty. You must fill out this form in one sitting--Google will not let you return to the survey--so please allot yourself an hour to commit to the survey’s completion.

The SBJC Planning Team will use the results of the survey to identify areas for growth and improvement as well as areas of strength. Your input is necessary to make these results reflect all perspectives within our district. We cannot improve as a school district without your feedback.
Rating Guide
1. DOES NOT MEET expectations of the indicator.
2. PARTIALLY MEETS (in need of improvement) expectations of the indicator.
3. MEETS the expectations of the indicator.
4. EXCEEDS expectations of the indicator

IMPORTANT: If you do not have sufficient knowledge or experience to rate an indicator, leave it blank.

After rating each indicator, you will be asked to determine if the school meets or does not meet the overall Standard for Accreditation.
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