Maeday Farm Seasonal Farmworker Application
Please complete the following application to the best of your ability. We DO contact references - and will need working phone numbers and email addresses.

Applicants selected to move forward in the interview process will be expected to complete a working interview on the farm. Interviews are expected to last 4-8 hours, and applicants will be compensated at a rate of $12/hour for time spent on the farm.
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1. Tell us about your interest in farming. What excites you the most about working on a farm? *
2. How did you find out about this opportunity at Maeday Farm? *
3. Are you available for the full 6-month season here – April through October? Do you have any other significant commitments to your time during this period? *
4. Do you have any previous agricultural experience? What did you learn from it? *
5. Please list any other skills or past experiences you have that might be applicable to this job, including landscaping, electrical, construction, mechanical, gardening, or carpentry. *
6. Describe the most physically demanding task you have performed at a previous job. *
7. What skills do you hope to take away from working on an organic farm? *
8. Do you have a current driver’s license and a reliable, insured vehicle to use on our CSA delivery route? *
9. Do you smoke, vape, or use chewing tobacco? *
10. Do you have any allergies or adverse reactions to plants, animals, pollen, or food? *
11. How would you describe your physical condition? Do you have any conditions that would make it difficult for repetitive bending, squatting, kneeling, or heavy lifting? *
12. What do you enjoy cooking at home? *
13. Do you have any other skills, talents, interests or dreams that you feel would make you a good fit for this opportunity? *
14. Please email a resume or CV to Applicants that fail to complete this step will not be able to move forward in the hiring process. Have you sent this email? *
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