Join the SOS-Tribe & get a platform to showcase your talent to the world
Update: All sponsored vacations will happen after Coronavirus epidemic is over. In the meantime, please fill out the application form.

Dear Artist,

Welcome to the SOS Tribe!
We are a community of artists from around the world. We create standardised entertainment experiences for hotels and corporated- both online and offline.

1. SOS Booster Parties (Online):

Due to the pandemic, we all have been separated physically but virtual closeness is no less :)
SOS has now come up with SOS Booster, the online parties that are done for the prominent corporate groups from across the globe. It includes dance, Zumba, art, fun games, comedy, yoga, meditation and whatnot. These are the paid collaborations with the artists.
Isn't it exciting? Broadcasting your talent from your home to the world :D

2. SOS Offline parties:

Those who love to explore new places, make new friends, break the barriers of self-limitation, and are in the process of discovering themselves, SOS Tribe for Skilled Travellers is just your thing.
What does this mean? This means that you will be part of the top 10% travellers around the world who get fully sponsored stay, food, and travel as they explore new places in exchange for your skill :D

Sounds exciting? Have the skills? Let's roll it on!
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