Faith Quotes on Census Citizenship Question
The faith community believes it is critical that the 2020 Census be full, fair and accurate. Our faith traditions teach that all humans possess inherent dignity, that no individual or community should be disenfranchised by federal policy and that a modern, accurate, and equitable 2020 Census is necessary for a fair democracy in which everybody counts. We are deeply disturbed by the inclusion of a citizenship question on the 2020 Census. We believe this question threatens a fair and accurate decennial census--an essential tool to understand ourselves as a people. Today, many of our churches and congregations use the census to understand the needs of those we serve. As a nation, an accurate census plays an important role in ensuring all people can live with dignity by increasing access to vital safety net support services.
Immigrants are valued members of our churches, temples and mosques and brothers and sisters in faith. We know firsthand of the deep fear in immigrant communities under this Administration. Immigrant community members may already be hesitant to engage in the Census out of fear of sharing information with a potentially hostile government. Inclusion of a citizenship question would destroy any chance for an accurate count since many would likely forego participation. A failed census count has broadly detrimental implications for all vulnerable communities in our nation, making it more difficult to identify and meet their needs.
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