Book your seat for 4 Different Workshops
Solar Special Gadgets Workshop
Age Group - 12 to 16 yrs.old
You will learn - Basic Electronics, How to use Solar Heat & Light, Solar energy Concepts, Applications & Use of Solar
Panels & Reflectors and Make 7 different gadgets like Solar Cap, Solar PVC Table Lamp, Solar Mobile
Charger, Solar Cooker, Solar Fan, Solar Bot, Solar Pump
Limited Seats - 15 seats only
Astronomy Workshop
Age Group - 13 & above 13 yrs.old
You will learn - Basic Concepts of Astronomy, Information about Telescope & how to handle it
Limited Seats - 20 seats only
Learn, Make & Fly Workshop
Age Group - 9 to 18 yrs.old
You will learn - About Aerofoil wing shape, Glider Parts, Aircraft Terminology & RC Flight Simulator
Limited seats - 15 seats only
Paper Craft with T-Shirt Printing
Age Group - 6 to 11 yrs.old
You will learn - Design & Creations Assistance, Surprise Gift Box, T-Shirt Printing & Laser cutter
Limited seats - 10 seats only
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