Thank you for your interest in shadowing at Nova Arts Salon. Shadow days are open to licensed stylists and colorists who wish to expand their knowledge and inspire their creativity. 

Nova Arts Salon Shadow Education allows you to observe the work of Cherin and/or Sal for the full day.

While other stylists/colorists will be working in the salon during your time visiting, they are not participating in our Shadow education program. Shadow Education is $1500 for Sal or Cherin, and $1800 for both.

During your time in the salon you will simply be observing and are welcome to take notes throughout the day.

Because the schedule varies for color services you will be observing full highlights, base colors, gloss/toners, and potentially color corrections.

All questions should be saved until the end of the day which will conclude with time available to meet with Sal and/or Cherin to wrap up and go over any questions you have regarding techniques, formulas, or general salon inquiries.

Shadow Education Days are available on Saturday's only.

Shadow Education is $1500 for Sal or Cherin, and $1800 for both.

Location: Nova Arts Salon
787 S. Alameda St, Suite 160
Los Angeles, California 90021

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