Welcome to our registration form for Bear City Roller Derby's WFTDA 20 open tryout!

YOU GOT GUTS? SWEET! Come to our training and show us your guns!

The tryouts will take place on the afternoon of SATURDAY 20.05.17, in Berlin-Kreuzberg. After successful registration skaters will be invited to the tryout, according to the provided information regarding their skill level and experience. With the invitation, you'll receive the venue address as well as a map with helpful contacts nearby. The tryout is, of course, free of charge. We want to see your talent not your money.

Skaters that have proven their skills, dedication, and willingness to move to Berlin will be considered for a spot in our WFTDA 20 roster. Trying out does not mean a guaranteed spot in the roster.

Don't know how to speak German? Not a problem! Knowing the German language is not a requirement.
Registration is open until May 06, 2017 at 23:59. After this time, new applicants will not be accepted.

Any more Questions? Please ask !

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ASSUMPTION OF INJURY RISKS There is a risk of injuries, both serious and minor, associated with participation in roller derby. The risks include, but are not limited to: injury to the head, neck, or spine (including paralysis); injury to the muscular or skeletal systems; injury to internal or external organs; loss of or damage to sight, hearing, or teeth; long or short-term disability.

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT to have health insurance coverage sufficient to provide for medical or dental services and/or equipment required to treat any injury, minor or catastrophic, sustained or incurred as a result of participating in any training and scrimmage at the bootcamp.

Therefore, AS A PRECONDITION TO BEING GRANTED PERMISSION TO PARTICIPATE IN TRAINING AND SCRIMMAGE AT the bootcamp, EACH PARTICIPANT shall read the agreement set forth below in order to make an educated choice to participate or not participate. To that end, and before releasing Bear City Roller Derby and Sport Club Lurich 02 e.V. from all actions, claims, or demands related to any injury you may sustain as a result of participating in the bootcamp. please give serious consideration to the possible ramifications. Understand that the causes of possible injury are many, but among them are: injury from bodily contact, incidental to or inherent in the nature of the sport; slipping, falling, or tripping on the playing surface, regardless of its physical or environmental conditions; injury from warming up; injury due to supervision by referees or officials, or injury due to a disparity between and among other players or teams with respect to experience level, strength, height, weight, age, ability, and the relative competitiveness or maturity of, between, or among other participants.


I have read the above ASSUMPTION OF INJURY RISKS and understand its contents. I acknowledge the risk of injury that may result from participation in the bootcamp trainings and scrimmage and am willing to and hereby do voluntarily assume all risks of harm associated with my participation. I certify that to the best of my knowledge, I am physically fit and able to participate in the the bootcamp trainings and Scrimmage, that I am in good health, and that I am unaware of any medical condition, which might make my participation inadvisable.

In consideration of Bear City Roller Derby and Sport Club Lurich 02 e.V. permitting me to participate in the bootcamp trainings and scrimmage, I knowingly and intentionally give up any legal right that I, my heirs, or legal representatives have or may have against Bear City Roller Derby and Sport Club Lurich 02 e.V, its trustees, officers, agents, employees, or insurers, from any action, claim, or demand that I, my heirs, or my legal representatives have or may have for any and all personal injuries I may suffer or sustain, regardless of cause or fault, on- or off-the track, as a result of my voluntary participation in the bootcamp and/or in other activities related there to.

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