I-Corps Regional Program Registration - San Antonio: Spring 2018
The NSF Southwest I-Corps Node, in collaboration with the University of Texas San Antonio, is deploying an innovative lean startup experience for entrepreneurial minded teams in San Antonio. Teams will engage in an Official NSF I-Corps Regional Program focused on examining their technological innovation for product-market fit. The objective of this course is to provide teams with an introduction to Lean Launchpad methodologies and quickly advance the enterprise.

Program Format: Teams will follow the National Science Foundation I-Corps 3-Week Short Course curriculum that consists of a Remote Launch (Web-based), an Opening Workshop, a Mid-Term Review, and a Closing Workshop. National Science Foundation certified I-Corps instructors will train teams in the methodologies and guide teams through the program. In the course of this program, teams will learn how to use the Business Model Canvas and Customer Discovery efforts to identify a repeatable and scalable business model that will position them for success.

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