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Hello Writers! PRISM Collaborative Media is hoping to find people to contribute to our publications in production (currently, one) and forthcoming publications in development. First, we'll tell you about the vision for our publications and then we'll let you fill out for which fits best for you.

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NOTE: If you would like to send one-off pitches to The Renaissance Project, email us at
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The Renaissance Project
The Renaissance Project will be ‘Rap and Hip Hop’s Revolutionary Publication.’ We are currently a digital zine from PRISM Collaborative Media publishing on Medium. We are dedicated to providing innovative, honest thought in regards to the future of hip hop, as a culture and a music genre. View our Manifesto and recent work at ( and learn more at

If you would like to pitch The Renaissance directly, email
The Renaissance Project is looking for...
- Assistant Editor
- Staff Writer
- Contributing Writer

**NOTE: This is a form for applicants to express their interest. This is NOT a promise of employment or acceptance. These positions would be remote/freelance based and pay per assignment.
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Please provide a 100-500 word sample of your own original writing. You may submit your sample with a URL, Text document, or PDF of your own article, analysis, synopsis, and/or review of any topic, previously published or not. In addition, you can provide examples of your commentary or analysis of one minute or more into any topic, whether by video, audio or written.

You may provide any additional documents, such as resumes, CV, etc. that you may wish for us to consider.
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If You have a file of a writing sample to include, please send it via email to with the subject line: "[Your Name], Writing Sample". The File Upload button was removed to enable embedding on our website.
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