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NVHS Theatre Code of Conduct
*By Signing below you agree to the NVHS Theatre Code of Conduct

• Cast/Crew members are expected to attend full rehearsals/work sessions daily according to the set rehearsal calendar.
• Cast/Crew members are allowed to miss three (3) non-mandatory rehearsals. Saturday rehearsals/work sessions do count as two (2) missed rehearsals. Mandatory rehearsals/work sessions cannot be missed for any reason.
• ALL rehearsals/work sessions are mandatory six days prior to performance. See calendar.
• If a cast/crew member misses more than three (3) rehearsals/work sessions or misses mandatory rehearsals/work sessions, he or she may be dropped from the show at the discretion of the director. Please try to schedule all lessons, doctor’s appointments, vacations, extra-curriculars, etc. after rehearsal is over.

The Theatre Department realizes that circumstances do arise that are out of the control of the cast/crew member and their family’s control. These circumstances will be addressed on a case by case basis but still may result in the cast/crew member’s release from the show.

• All cast members are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times. This includes on stage, off stage, and during regular school hours. Conduct not befitting an NVHS Theatre student will not be tolerated and may result in the release from the show. The Code of Values and Conduct are posted on the NVHS Theatre website.
· Drugs/Alcohol use will not be tolerated. Use of illegal substances will result in removal of production.
· Please notify your director if you are on prescription medication.
• All cast members must be passing 5 classes in order to be eligible to audition, rehearse, and/or perform in the production.
Conflicts *
Please list any competing interests that you have that may interfere with your full commitment to the show.
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I have read the tech calendar (Located on Theatre Website) and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct of NVHS theatre. *
I have read the tech calendar and have seen that for both lights and sound and build crew, there is a Saturday night strike after the show. Strike is a mandatory part of the show, and all tech members need to help with clearing the stage. My parents/guardians are also aware that I will be at school late that evening. *
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