Mass Attendance Registration 彌撒登記
Only one parishioner may be registered each time. Repeat filling out the form for any additional participants.

You will receive an email or phone call from a parish representative to confirm the status of your registration.

Should you require assistance or further information, please contact Candy at 778-802-4211 (Cantonese/Mandarin) or Annie at 778-802-5048 (English). Or you can send an email to
如果你雖要彌撒登記支援,可以聯絡Candy 778-802-4211,或電郵
Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church 加拿大殉道聖人天主堂
Name of Participant | 參加者姓名 *
Choose Mass Time | 選擇彌撒時間 *
Would you like your registration to be ONE-TIME or RECURRING for every week in the month of August? | 您選擇的登記為一次性或整個八月復次性? *
Are you a parishioner of Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church? 您是否加拿大殉道聖人天主堂的教友嗎? *
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