April Book Talk Form
Seniors Book Talk
First and Last Name/Nombre y apellido *
Personal Email Address or Cellphone #/Dirección de correo electrónico personal o número de teléfono celular
Please include the email address you actually check on a regular basis or your phone number to receive a text. This will only be used in the event that you want a book to let you know when it is available.
Which book did you read or watch a booktalk for?/¿Qué libro leíste o mirar un libro de texto? *
Please choose the book you either watched a book trailer on or you read for 5 minutes.
Only select the book below if you want to check that book out. Selecting it here indicates you want me to check it out to you./Seleccione solo el libro a continuación si desea verificar ese libro. Al seleccionarlo aquí, indica que quiere que lo revise.
This question is not required. Please note we can get as many copies as needed so more than one person can read each book.
How likely are you to check out the book?/¿Qué tan probable es que revises el libro? *
What about the book did you like? / ¿Qué hay del libro que te gusta? *
What about the book did you dislike? / ¿Qué hay del libro que te disgustó? *
Would you like help finding a free reading book? / ¿Te gustaría ayuda para encontrar un libro de lectura gratis? *
English Period / Período Inglés *
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