LOST THE PLOT : an indoor allotment

Lost The Plot

Indoor Allotment & Urban Horticulture Incubator Space.
Horticulture, Education, Community Resilience, Social Enterprise
Dublin City, Ireland.

Would you like you to become a member of an indoor allotment ? or have a participatory role in this new project ?

We are currently seeking individuals and groups to become involved with our new urban horticultural project, if you would like to participate please fill in the form below and start your journey to establishing one of the world's first indoor allotments.

As you know, transportation & sourcing of food has a huge impact on the planet’s resources. That can change, if food could be grown where it is most needed. Have we LOST THE PLOT ?

Urban Farm's LOST THE PLOT seeks to reduce Ireland’s reliance on imported food & example the reuse of wasted resources with urban ecological solutions, products and enterprises.

By providing a comfortable growing space 365 days a year with an indoor allotment, LOST THE PLOT can be an excellent amenity while also providing a classroom, social venue and showroom for environmental technology, offering a range of workshops and events that give the citizens of Ireland the opportunity to gain experience with sustainable urban life.

LOST THE PLOT will also host traditional cultural events, poetry readings, guest talks, social and community happenings, in this way, LOST THE PLOT is a living project that combines nature, technology and culture in a unique way.

LOST THE PLOT will act also as a community plant nursery, germinating flower, house & vegetable seeds and propagating plants to be distributed into the local area, taking the hard work out of growing from seed & introducing new plant varieties to the community.

Providing aquaponic and hydroponic systems growing under LED lighting for the production of fresh local produce & plants.

LOST THE PLOT will be tended to by experienced aquaponic and hydroponic gardeners, alongside beginner gardeners and participants learning new life skills, altogether they will help monitor the environmental conditions for an ideal indoor allotment, such as temperature, humidity, air-flow and factors like water chemistry and nutrient levels, and they will provide this as a service to plot holders, with notifications and updates for plot holders about their particular plots progress.

To further the projects reach, several urban horticulture businesses will be established, these participatory social enterprises enable the project to reach a nationwide audience with various produce, services and products, whilst also engaging life skill participants within the day to day management and running of these sustainable businesses.

The initiative serves as an incubator for urban ecological solutions, for its service users, and exhibits them to the public, while reducing food miles to food meters by delivering a supply of healthy and nutritious food, food products and plants to local residents, surrounding areas and nationwide. All collections and deliveries in the city will be maintained by a pedal cargo bicycle, ensuring emission free, green distribution and transportation.

Do you want to become a member of an indoor allotment ? or have a participatory role in this new project ? http://www.urbanfarm.ie/lost-the-plot.html
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