Canyon Rim Classic 2019 Soccer Referee Registration
Event Timing: May 4-5, 2019 (8 am - 7 pm)
Event Main Address: Sunway Soccer Complex in Twin Falls, Idaho (+ 2 nearby site fields)
Contact CRC 2019 Referee Coordinator/Assignor: 208.404.1397 or

We are anticipating another great year for this southern Idaho/Twin Falls tournament and that includes you being a main part of it. Whether you are a returning referee or a ”first-timer,” you will be part of a history of competitive teams and great refereeing. We again anticipate 140 teams to participate and the standard goal is to have at least that many referees. Last year we had 140 teams, refereed 253 games in 13 different time slots at 3 different locations in Twin Falls. We manned all games with a 3 man crew with just using 118 referees. Many willingly refereed 6 slots with just one break. We need you this year! The more referees we have, the less tired we will all be at the end! We are grateful for your willingness to referee and could not do it without you.


Our commitment to you:
 If you register by April 15th AND referee at least 5 games total at CRC2019, you are guaranteed to receive a $40 bonus for early registration.
 CRC pays at one of the highest tournament rates in the state: U15-U19 $47 Center, $32 AR; U9-U14 $37 Center, $22 AR
 Check payments will be sent to the address you give on this form (please be sure it is accurate and complete) by the Friday following the tournament (barring unforeseen complications).
 You will receive at least weekly updates prior to tournament weekend via email so make sure you give an email you check often.
 At CRC2019 you can get a free hotel room (based on double occupancy) ONLY IF you meet the following criteria:
o travel more than 50 miles to CRC AND
o commit to refereeing at least 5 games at the tournament AND
o agree to share a room with another referee (you can give roommate preference on the form)
If you are a player/referee, we expect you will be housed with your team. Hotels often have restrictions on only minors
in a room. If you request a single room or housing with a non-referee, you may have $50/night deducted from your
referee pay.
Hotel rooms are limited this year due to the availability. We should have enough but preference will be given in order
of registration sign ups.
 Breakfast and lunch will be provided in the referee tents.
 Medical tent services will be available if needed.

Your commitment to CRC2019:
 You agree to know and fulfill all standards of the Laws of the Game as a Certified Referee and/or Assistant Referee. This includes procedures, ethics and accountability including but not limited to the following:
o accepting all assignments given regardless of referee position or age group (This tournament has teams ages
U9-19 but is typically heavy in the U9-13 brackets. While we offer you to state age preferences, we cannot
guarantee them exclusively.), and
o arriving to the field check in booth at least 30 minutes before each scheduled game time, with the exception of
first game of each day arriving 45 minutes before game time (if not, you run the risk of being unassigned as
keeping on schedule is critical), and
o conduct at all times based on integrity, spirit of the Laws of the Game and team work with all CRC staff, and
o not to register until you are sure you can referee, and
o if emergencies arise and you need to change information, notify us immediately. (Major changes may nullify the
$40 early bird bonus.), and
o responding to all communications from CRC assignor in a timely manner (within 48 hours).

 By registering, you acknowledge you are a currently certified 2019 USSF referee in good standing (this will be checked so if you have questions, check with the state administrator).

 By registering to referee at CRC2019, you agree to not take any other assignments elsewhere. You are responsible to block schedules or notify any other assignors so they do not schedule you.

If you have any question about the above, please email the CRC 2019 Assignor. After you read and are in agreement with the above statements, I invite you to join us and register for our great CRC Tournament weekend experience!

Welcome and see you on the pitch!
Cliff Paine, CRC 2019 Referee Coordinator and Assignor
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A limited # of hotel rooms are available if you are coming from over 50 miles. You must be willing to referee at least 5 games and agree to double occupancy. Player/referees are expected to room with their teams and are not eligible for these rooms. Do you need a hotel room and do you meet criteria? *
If you need a room, indicate which night(s).
Rooms are based on double occupancy with another referee. Please list any roommate preference. (We will do our best but cannot guarantee.)
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Please identify any special assigning related comments including team conflicts (players, coaches, parents) and special needs. You will not know time slots, just list team age and gender you have conflicts with. Please be aware this may limit number of games assigned. Player/referees will typically not be assigned games immediately prior to their games.
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