"Winner's Drink Milk®" Kit Application
Attention race fans! Bring the tradition of “Winner’s Drink Milk®” to your event celebration, team program, Kiddie 500, field day or other fun event.

“Winner’s Drink Milk®” is a tradition recognized by millions!
It’s the bottle of milk at the end of the Indianapolis 500® that has been called the “coolest trophy in sports” according to ESPN.
It’s the go-to refueling beverage for athletes and professionals.
It’s the nutrition-packed drink for all ages accord to the Dietary Guidelines.
It’s one of the most pure and local products in the grocery, supporting farms usually located within 100 miles of the store.

The kit is valued at $35 and includes:
$10 gift card (while supplies last) - To purchase milk and additional cups if you can include more participants in the celebration
String banners - Event decorations
3 plastic cups - For milk cheers at the end of the event
Extra wristbands and pencils
Handout on the history of the famous race tradition
Simply tell us about your event, how you can incorporate the tradition into your festivities and how the connection of "Winners Drink Milk®" will be shared out!

Please provide a 10-day notice.

E-mail Meg Magsamen (Magsamen@winnersdrinkmilk.com) if you have any questions.

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By requesting this kit, we would like your help to connect the excitement and message of "Winner's Drink Milk" with your festivities!
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AFTER THE EVENT:  Recap pictures, programs, newsletter, etc. that include pieces of the kit will be sent to American Dairy Association Indiana within a month of the event. (Shared materials could be shared with our staff, farmers and partners). *
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