Questionnaire for Permaculture Centers and Experts
Please, fill this questionnaire to present your permaculture center and / or your offer as permaculture designer or expert at the international web-site for the Visegrad countries and Ukraine
I am registering as
All permaculture centers are certified by their national organizations. International web-site only represents already certified centers
Clear selection
Name of your center
You can provide the link to the profile of your center on the web-site of your national pemaculture organization (preferably profile in English) OR personal web-site of your center OR we can create for you the profile in English .
Facebook page
We recommend you to create facebook page for your permaculture center where you can create events which we can easily share on our facebook page and add to event calendar
GPS coordinates
Right click your location on google map, select 'What is here' and copy your GPS coordinates from the drop-down window. If you prefer not to share your exact location you can select the center of your town or village.
Please, choose one most appropriate category
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Is assigned only by your national organization. Please, choose the most appropriate category matching your national classification [here we can explain for each country if necessary]
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Short description
Max 200 characters with spaces. This text will be displayed when clicking the pictogram on the map. Please, use free format or this template (below), but be informative. E.g. [farm] was created in …, specialized in …. There are [pond, forest garden, raised beds...]. Organizes courses in …, trains volunteers in … from [month] to [month].]
Please, fill this section only if you want us to create the profile for your center in English on our we-site.
General info
Full postal adress or just the name of community / locality
Year of foundation
Contact person
Phone number
Nature, aim and tasks of your center
Longer description (500 characters with spaces) for the profile
What do you offer to visitors and volunteers?
Which elements and management techniquest can they see?
Provide short description of the elements
What is special about them? Have you developed any unique solutions?
Accepting visitors
Please, select one or several options
Hosting volunteers
Please, select one or several options for each topic: timing, food, acommodation
What can volunteers learn?
Volunters not only want to help you, but also to learn someting new and useful. How do you make their work interesting, diverse and educational?
Design solutions
Main solutions on functional connection between the elements
It's not only important in permaculture to select appropriate elements, but also their functional connection and multi tasking. Please, briefly list the most importants, interesting, unique solutions.
Main solutions on zoning and placement according to sectors
Describe your energy efficient design here. Please, briefly list the most importants, interesting, unique solutions.
Educational cources planned in 2018 (topics, format, dates, links).
We suggest you to plan courses well in advance (half year or more ahead) to prepare them well (we will share some guidelines with you) and to allow us enough time to promote them via our Facebook page. You can also indicate courses which you are able to organize but without mentioning dates - we can register those wishing to attend them, so you can start planning courses when the group is bsg enough (e.g. one day workshop on designing Rosum bed (end of April - beginning of June).
Photos, logo and presentation video
If you want us to create your profile in English, please, paste here the links to 4 photos (800 * 600 px), your logo and presentation video (if you have any). Right click on photo or illustration published elsewhere (e.g. web-site, Facebook), select "Copy image URL" and paste it here. There is a "Share" button in YouTube where you can copy video URL, or right click on Facebook video and select "Show video URL"
Here you can see how the offers will look like on our web-site:
Name of expert, name of the company / brand
e.g. "Pavlo Ardanov, Design solutions"
Web-site, page or Facebook page
Full address or only country and locality
Present your services
Area of expertise, conditions, prices. Max 1000 characters with spaces
Logo or photo
Right click on your logo OR photo (only one link allowed) published elsewhere (e.g. web-site, Facebook) and select "Copy image URL" and paste it here
Graphical resume
It can be collage, photo or drawing. Right click on photo or illustration (only one link allowed) published elsewhere (e.g. web-site, Facebook), select "Copy image URL" and paste it here
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