Incoming Kindergarten Survey - WC 2020-21
Dear parents,
This survey will assist us in getting to know your child better and to tailor instruction to your child's needs.
Please answer each question honestly and to the best of your ability. This information is critical in ensuring we are able to create balanced classrooms.

Thanks you
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Child's First Name *
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Does your child have a device that he/she can use for Distance Learning? *
Does your child have internet connectivity at home? *
My child is
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Are you concerned about your child's speech development? If yes, explain. If not, leave blank.
Do you have any concerns or information that should be shared regarding your child's behavior, maturity, or social skills? If yes, explain. If not, leave blank.
Has your child attended Preschool and/or Daycare? *
Name of School and/or Daycare Center
Length of time at School and/or Daycare Center
Does you child have siblings? *
If your child has siblings, do they attend Wolf Canyon elementary?
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What activities does your child enjoy? *
Does your child like to have stories read to them? *
Does you child have a correct pencil grip? *
Is your child able to write their name independently? *
Is your child able to independently write numbers 1 to 10? *
Is your child able to hold scissors correctly and cut simple shapes? *
Is your child able to color "within the lines"? *
Does your child enjoy coloring? *
Is your child able to recognize and name the following colors? *
Is your child able to recognize and independently identify uppercase letter names? *
Is your child able to recognize and independently identify lowercase letter names?
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Is your child reading?
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Can you child independently count from... *
Can your child recognize and identify the following numbers? (Look at the number and say the name in English) *
Can you child count a group of objects accurately? *
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your child?
What are your hopes for your child's Kindergarten experience? *
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