Volunteer Service with Leadership LINKS, Inc.
Thank you for your interest in Leadership LINKS, Inc. This information packet is for the purpose of gathering important personal data for individuals who intend to serve as volunteers with Leadership LINKS, Inc. who are not otherwise members of its board of directors, advisory board or operational staff. For questions in reference to this form or the position of LINKS Volunteer, please contact the Board Secretary via email, leadershiplinksus@gmail.com
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Building a Leadership Team
Leadership LINKS, Inc. intentionally seeks to build a diverse team of leaders and volunteers on every level of the organization. Please assist us in this important work by providing the following information.
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Google Access
Leadership LINKS, Inc. manages the majority of our organizational file management via our Google Drive. If you do not have a Gmail account, you will be asked to obtain one if you are required to access our organizational files.
If you do not already have one, will you obtain a Gmail account to conduct Leadership LINKS, Inc. business? *
Founded and led by veterans, Leadership LINKS, Inc. enriches communities through leadership, mentoring, and education. The Leadership LINKS Network connects and expands this vision. Review our Purpose, Vision, Mission and Core Values via our website.
I have read, understand, and agree to adhere to the organization's Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Core Values. *
Which committee(s) would you like to join? (Details are available on the "Service Opportunities" page under the "LINKS Network" tab on our website.) *
What specific skills, talents, passions, and/or hobbies would you like to use to advance the organization's mission? *
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Thank you for providing this information. We are grateful for your commitment to our organization's core value of SERVICE.
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