Gathering Stories - Online Interview
This online interview is designed to collect the stories from individuals just like you, who have had memorable experiences at the UCF/The Common Good, over the past 70 years. In this time frame, so much has happened! Thank you for being willing to share some of your experiences of your time spent at the UCF!

Note* These histories will be recorded and kept for future generations, and therefore are not confidential. All personal contact information will not, however, be shared or published.
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What years were you involved in the UCF/Common Good? How long were you involved?
What types of events and programming were occurring at the UCF at this time?
How were you involved? What types of activities/programs did you engage in? Please feel free to go into as much detail as you like!
Were there any UCF/Common Good events you witnessed that you feel were historically significant?
What is your fondest or most impactful memory or experience from your time at the UCF?
Who were the leaders during this time? Such as the minister, program directors, board members, etc.
How did these experiences affect you? Did they impact the way in which you currently engage in society?
What, in your opinion, made the programs of the UCF unique or impactful?
Looking forward, what do you feel would be most helpful for today's generation to thrive? This question is open to your interpretation.
I give my permission my experiences to be shared, recorded for historical purposes, and used as a testimonial *
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Would you be willing to become a member of our support base, The Giving Circle, to give these same types of experiences to the next generation? *
Are you in contact with any UCF/Common Good alumni who might also be interested in sharing their stories? *
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