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Please fill this out if you are interested in working with me one on one. If I think we may be a good fit, I will reach out so you can book a free 15min call with me and we'll go from there! You will NOT be obligated to sign up. This is just to see if the program is right for you (and if you are right for the program!)
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Before your application can be considered, please agree to the following terms: I (applicant named above), agree to be 100% open and coachable during our calls. I agree to be fully present on the call, to listen intently, and be willing to take action *
There are only 2 answers to this question, HECK YEAH or NO. If we should get on a free discovery call and it's a HECK YEAH for us to work together, are you willing to make the $1097 investment in yourself to hire a coach? I do offer payment plans. *
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