Novela Teacher Empathy Survey
THE SITUATION: Public schools students in today’s K-12 classrooms are more diverse than ever, mirroring the changing racial makeup of our nation: “Students of color now [comprise] 50% of America’s public school student population, and 80% of the student population in urban public schools.”

THE PROBLEM: The majority of books in today's classrooms do not reflect students' identities and lived experiences.

THE SOLUTION: Novela is a search tool we’re creating to help teachers build inclusive classroom libraries. When teachers are looking for classroom texts using our app, they’ll have access to a multitude of search filters that take into account the breadth, depth, and complexity of the identities and lived experiences represented by students in their classrooms.

THE PEOPLE: Together, we are former public school educators and after-school teachers, facilitators and community builders, marketers, technologists, and entrepreneurs. Most importantly, we have years of first-hand experience both as members of marginalized populations and as professionals making an impact for the communities we are hoping to serve.

CALL TO ACTION: Help us get this right. K-12 English teachers: please take our survey and share with other ELA educators to ensure we hear from teachers across the nation. We invite you to spread the word about Novela, follow us on Twitter @NovelaSearch and visit our website at

We truly believe it is together, through leveraging our collective expertise, as well as that of our students and their communities, that we will create the right solution to this urgent problem.
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