Submit your workshop proposal for the BERLIN CHANGE DAYS 2019
As a facilitator of the Berlin Change Days (, you will be part of an exciting international crowd which explores the boundaries of our discipline. You will have the opportunity to discuss you ideas and approaches for supporting the transformation of organisations and society.

At the Berlin Change Days 2019 we want to explore change and transformation as a function of space and how space influences transformation and change. We have an ambitious goal: to bring multiple disciplines together and work on a unified concept of space. These are the spaces we want to explore:

1. Inner spaces in which we find peace, widen our boundaries and to which we invite others. The guiding questions here are
○ What conditions and circumstances do people need to expand their boundaries?
○ How to slow down in an accelerating world?
○ How can we discover emotional and creative spaces in ourselves?

2. Outer spaces in which we come together physically, interact with all senses involved and in which we fight for, design, craft, implement and celebrate change, including public spaces in which we form our communities, personal spaces in which we work concentrated and individually and open spaces in which we innovate. The guiding questions here are
○ What kind of work spaces foster innovation and change?
○ How is the concept of New Work related to space?
○ How do we facilitate collaboration in organisations and in the public arena?
○ How important is physical space when everything can happen in the virtual space?
○ Is there change without space?

3. Cyberspaces in which we connect, collaborate and bond over distances, and reinvent ourselves and the world. The guiding questions here are
○ What is the best virtual environment for remote teams and how to facilitate virtual team work?
○ How does augmented reality change the way we work in organisations?
○ What new digital developments are emerging that will fundamentally change our perception of work and space?

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