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Please submit this form by Friday at 5:00 pm CT in order to be considered in Senate the following Tuesday. Requests must be submitted for consideration in the Senate meeting at least two (2) full weeks before the event in question.
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Organization Name *
Representative Name/Position *
Cell Phone Number of Representative *
Is this a funding re-appropriation request? * *
If you have canceled a previous planned event/project/capital spending purchase, or saved money on a previous event/project/capital spending purchase and are requesting to use any unused funds in a new way, then this is a re-appropriation request.
What kind of loan request is this? Non T-Shirt loan request, a general t-shirt loan request, or a committee publicity t-shirt loan request? *
A committee publicity shirt is to be bought and used only by committee members for advertising or other purposes.  Senate will pay for 75% of the cost of production of this type of shirt, if the cost is deemed reasonable.
Loan Title *
Young Democrats Koozies, SoCo 54 T-shirts, CK Miss Hendrix Committee Publicity T-shirts, etc.
Price Per Item *
Total Funding Needed *
Date by which Funding is Needed *
Prospective date by which loan will be repaid. *
This date will be confirmed/denied by Senate when discussing this proposal.
Purpose/Justification for Funding *
What is the purpose for these items (what event will they advertise, etc)? Will they only be able to be sold this year, or can they continue to be sold in future years? Etc.
Have you submitted a line-item budget? *
Before submitting this form, email a line-item budget in Excel (.xls/.xlsx) format to No other format will be accepted. Please include sources for your estimated prices, if possible. Without this file, your request will not be considered.
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