2016 Rimports Wax Warmer fundraiser sign up
Use this form to sign up for the fundraiser. For more information see https://alafusion.com/2016/09/24/2016-wax-warmer-fundraiser/
Personal Information
Full Name of Person Who Will Work. (Please fill out a separate form for each person wishing to work.) *
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Who are you? (If you are not a student please describe your relationship to a student in the 'Other' spot - i.e. "John Doe's mother". This will tell us whom you are earning money for.) *
Phone Contact Information. *
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Email Contact Information. *
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What are you earning money for? (Check all that apply. If you choose more than one your earnings will be divided equally among your choices.) *
Select the shifts you would like to sign up for
FULL SHIFTS: Currently all shifts are full. You may sign up to be put on a waiting list. More spots may open up on the dates below or new days may be added in the future at the demand of Rimports company.
Shifts that still need a lot of help: None. All shifts are currently full.
We need lots of help on most Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
SELECT ALL THE SHIFTS YOU ARE WILLING AND ABLE TO WORK. Please only select shifts you know you can and will work. If you are not sure do not select that shift. You can always come back and fill out the form again when you decide to work additional days. If a shift is marked as 'FULL' you may still select that shift to be on a waiting list if spots open up. *
Information Verification
Do you understand the commitment and have you read the information at https://alafusion.com/2016/09/24/2016-wax-warmer-fundraiser/ ? *
Are you able to show up on time and work well without someone needing to babysit you while you work? *
Have you looked at the map and understand where and how to enter the building? *
When you click 'SUBMIT' you will be put on our list of available workers. You are not scheduled for a shift you until you receive an email and/or a text message stating which shifts you have been scheduled for. You will need to reply to that message within 12 hours to confirm your spot on that shift. You will arrive on time and work diligently while there or you may be taken off any future shifts.
Do you understand what you have just read above? *
Any additional comments?
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Thanks for your willingness to help serve and be involved in the great things you do for the school. We look forward to working with you.
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