Integrated Skills Program 2
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L2T2G - Learning more about a mystery
In this lesson, you're going to learn more about the mystery of crop circles.
Task One: What do you remember about the mystery? Answer the quiz questions.
1. Which country gets the most crop circles?
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2. What year was the first record of a crop circle?
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3. What do many people report seeing in the sky near crop circle sites?
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4. What equipment do people who make crop circles as pranks use?
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5. Which group of people doesn’t like crop circles?
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Task Two: Click on the link. Watch the video about today's mystery.
Task Three: Watch the video and practise saying the words.
Task Four: Write the words under the pictures.
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Task Five: Read the text about the mystery and choose the best answers to the questions.
In Hampshire England on the 17th of July 1997, the first known crop circle to depict an insect was found. It looks like a huge ant and this crop circle became so famous that copycat hoaxers have tried replicating the design in various fields around the world. None have come close to the intricate and precise nature of the original. Researcher Jonah Ohayv claims to have visited as many as 60 crop circle sites. He ranks the ant as one of his favorites.
1. How many crop circle sites has the researcher Jonah Ohayv visited?
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On the 7th of August 2009 in southern Holland, a crop circle showing a modified version of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man (a man in the center with outstretched arms) expanding into delicate butterfly wings. The imprint is incredibly large measuring 530 metres by 450 metres. Analysts are baffled as to how this crop circle was created. The scale and dimensions of the piece is enormous and it appeared overnight.
2. What are the dimensions of the 2009 crop circle found in Holland?
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An example of human-made crop circle that was made for corporate promotion is the Firefox crop circle, created by Mozilla video interns in August 2006 in a field in Amity, Oregon. The formation was planned over two weeks and executed in just under twenty-four hours by a team of 12 people who stomped out the pattern from 3:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. with some final decorations completed at 11 a.m. the following morning.
3. How many people made the Firefox crop circle in 2006?
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In a field near Winchester in Hampshire UK, a formation showing a large gray alien face with a disc-shape on the right appeared in August 2002. When cryptologists analyzed the image they realized that the circle was actually binary code that had an encrypted message embedded in it. The message reads: Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises; much pain but still time; believe.
4. In what year did the Alien Face crop circle appear in Hampshire, UK?
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One of the largest crop circles ever was discovered in Milk Hill a rural area of Wiltshire UK. The enormous formation spans 238 meters. It features 409 circles in a pattern of three interlocking spirals. The ancient symbol has been used in several cultures across the world dating back thousands of years. When the owner of the crop discovered the creation, he was stunned because the formation is so intricate and detailed. He was certain he would have seen someone or something in the field the night it was created.
5. How many circles were in the Milk Hill crop circle?
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Task Six: Sam is asking Jennifer about the mystery. Choose the best answers for Jennifer.
Sam: Which country do most crop circles happen in?
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Sam: Why don’t farmers like crop circles?
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Sam: When did people first see crop circles?
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Sam: Where do you think crop circles come from?
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Sam: Why do you think that?
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Task Seven: Watch the video and answer the questions with your own ideas.
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