2017 Community Fair Booth Registration

Use this form to register your booth at the 2017 Pride Community Fair at Regina Farmer's Market.

    Event Information

    ◼️ Details Date: Saturday, June 10, 2017 Location: Regina Farmer's Market (Scarth St and 12th Ave) Setup Time: 7:00 am to 8:30 am Start Time: 9:00 pm End Time: 1:00 pm ◼️ Registration Fee Non-profit & community groups: FREE! For-profit: Not eligible to participate. Check out the Pride Market event! ◼️ Included with Registration - 10 x 10ft booth space - 1 table (6 x 3ft) - 2 chairs - Tents are NOT provided and vendors are responsible for supplying their own tent/canopy. These must be weighted or tied down. Click 'Continue' to begin! ------ Groups are reminded that as we are partnering with Regina Farmer's Market, all Registrants MUST adhere to the Regina Farmer's Market Rules and Regulations. RFM Rules and Regulations: http://qcpri.de/17-market-rules