Canyoning : what are you letting yourself in for?
Of all the outdoor activities we offer, canyoning is the least understood!  It’s great fun and a beautiful way to explore the outdoors and challenge yourself, but the experience can be stressful (if not down right unpleasant) if you don’t know what you’re letting yourself in for.  You’ll be walking down a slippery, sometimes steep, always uneven river bed in a narrow gorge.  There are various obstacles which are overcome by crawling, jumping, sliding or abseiling.  While these are meant to be fun and if you’re in expecting it, it's great fun, however (for most people) it does take you out of your comfort zone.  It’s likely you’ll feel anxious and stressed as most people are not accustomed to the environment, and this is entirely normal.  However there are some people who would rather not be put in the situation, and it can leave you feeling panicky and desperate to get out.

We've designed this questionnaire so you can decide if you do want to take part in this activity, or whether it's worth sitting it out this time round!

The aim is to get as many points as possible (50 is the maximum)  - if you don't get any points for an answer, ask yourself why and if you want to undertake canyoning.  Please do contact us so we can help you decide - this quiz is for fun and is meant as a guide; it is not designed to guarantee whether you will or won't enjoy the activity.

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