2021 Student Scholarship Details
Who is Eligible:
Any high school senior expected to enroll in a skilled trades or construction related program in the Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall 2022at any of the surrounding Career Tech / Collegiate Skilled Trade / Building Program of their choice.

- Oklahoma Home Builder’s Foundation - Scholarships for any Oklahoma Career Tech or Collegiate Skilled Trade or Building Program
- OSU-OKC - Scholarships for OSU-OKC Architectural, Construction or Survey Programs

Scholarship Details:
- Scholarships will be paid directly from Oklahoma Home Builders Foundation to the student’s tuition account
at the student’s respective school choice. Scholarships awarded through OSU-OKC will be awarded to students
who have committed to an OSU-OKC Architectural, Construction, or Surveying Technology Programs.
- Awards will be paid by September 2022, for Fall Enrollment 2022.

Essay Content & Evaluation Guidelines:
❑ Download the BINGO card - https://buildmyfutureokc.com/application/files/4316/2860/2372/BMFOKC_bingo_card.pdf 
❑ Visit buildmyfutureokc.com scholarship page
❑ Complete 5 squares in a row for BINGO.
❑ Complete & Fill out Scholarship registration form.
❑ Scan in or Take a photo or your BINGO card & Scholarship registration form.
❑ Email to buildmyfutureokc@cohba.org by December 15th, 2021 (12am/midnight). (If you are unable to email, please mail to 420 E. Britton Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73106.)

Due Date:
December 15th, 2021 (End of day - midnight / 12am)
- Email Essay & Application form to buildmyfutureokc@cohba.org
- Announcements will take place Early 2022 (1st quarter)

Entries will receive:
- a Build My Future OKC T-shirt

Essay Evaluation:
Build My Future Board & Committee Members will review the initial round of essay entries. In the instance we receive more entries than scholarships available, we will ask our contributors to help select the final recipients.

What to Expect:
 - Receive a Build My Future 2021 T-Shirt (delivered to your home school)
- Early 2022 - Awarded Scholarship Participants will receive email announcement. (We will NOT announce via social media)

All scholarships for Build My Future OKC 2022 will be processed by the Oklahoma Home Builders Foundation (501 © 3). For more information about Build My Future OKC scholarship opportunities, please visit http://buildmyfutureokc.com.
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Bingo Card
If you have not already, head here to download your Bingo card. Complete 5 squares in a row for a BINGO! Fill in your five answers under the appropriate questions below.

HINT: Go to BMF Online Pages
What is the national average wage for masonry?
What is the voltage on the meter in the animated electrical video?
Name 1 volunteer building opportunity
Name 1 type of home cooling system
Name 2 tools an electrician uses?
Who is Jackson Boyd?
What is the name of the NAHB student organization?
Name 1 type of cooling system?
Where is the little Elk Wind Farm?
How many hours is the Intro to Renewable Energy course?
Online Course - What is a push measurement?
Name 1 function of a wall system (in Building Basics)
Online Course: What marketing tool is a must on job sites?
In the Construction Activity Book (it's a link), name 1 piece of furniture
What is the mission of Build My Future, OKC?
How many wind turbines are in Little Elk Wind Farm?
What is the smallest fractions on a tape measure?
Name 1 common type of attic insulation?
Name 2 sponsors of Build My Future, OKC
How many building professionals will be needed by 2028?
Name 2 social media platforms to share Build My Future OKC
What are the 2 most commonly used types of screwdrivers?
What does HBI stand for?
What company's model house plan is in the Plan Reading module?
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