Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns Questionnaire
Please answer theses questions as specific and detailed as possible. This info will help us to target potential clients more precisely and deliver greater value through PPC campaigns.
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Business Name *
What is your business website? Do you have a special landing page for PPC campaigns you want to use? *
Do you want to use a phone number in your PPC ads? What is the phone you want to use (if any)? *
Do you want us to create a landing page for your PPC campaign for better user experience , lead generation and better tracking?  *
What is the monthly budget for PPC advertising you want to start with? *
What is the optimal schedule for your PPC campaigns, and why have you chosen it?  For example, I want to run PPC campaigns Monday-Friday from 7 AM to 3 PM GMT-4 time zone because these hours align with your working hours. OR I want to run ads from Mon to Wen from 11 AM to 7 PM because it is the time of low foot traffic to my business *
What are the geographical areas you want to cover with  PPC campaigns? Please list the towns, states, areas. For example, I want to run PPC campaigns in Canada (whole country) or 15 miles around NYC  *
What geographical areas do you want to exclude when running PPC campaigns? Please list the specific towns, states, or regions. For example, want to avoid Atlantic City because we want to target cities with higher income/ a more sober/less gambling behavior profiles or specific demographic, such as females aged 18-25
List your top 3 competitors and their main characteristic/strong advantages *
Provide their business names, websites and information you consider valuable about your competitors
What action do you want PPC clients do when they see your ad/land on your website? *
If you choose 'phone calls,' please specify the hours during which you can receive calls from PPC ads. Please keep in mind that Pay Per Click Call Ads charges per click. It means that you will be charged for each call, even if you do not answer. Conversely, if you are able to answer calls outside of regular business hours, it could be a competitive advantage for your campaign.
If you choose 'phone calls,' are you open to using a dedicated tracking number to monitor all calls received via PPC campaigns with call tracking systems such as CallRail, Call Tracking Metrics, or similar services?
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What types of ads you currently use (if any) *
Please describe your typical customer ( decision maker) *
For example provide information such as age, gender, nationality, religion, family income, location, occupation, or any other relevant details that can assist us in targeting your PPC campaigns more effectively.
What are the most attractive features of your business besides the core value? *
 For example, spacious parking; location next to schools/downtown/court; next to public transportation hub; spacious rooms; state of art facility; affordable pricing or anything else that can be important to the potential clients
Anything else you want us to know about your business or  your clients?
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