Gumroad Grants For Small Black Businesses
African American business owners have always had to overcome great obstacles to succeed. COVID-19 as well as the daily injustice that continues to happen every day to the Black community, Black small business owners are fighting even harder to maintain their business against a range of inequalities that stand in their way.
To support the African American Community and the Black Lives Matter Movement, Gumroad is giving 10 $500 business grants to small Black businesses.

In order to qualify, you must:
Been in business for 2+ years
Have a digital component in your business model (sell courses, ebooks, classes, etc)
Live in the United States
Generated less than $60,000 in revenue for selling digital in the business

Application Period: July 6th-15th (Application will close at 11:59 pm PST)
Winners will be notified by July 17th
Winners will be announced to the public July 21st- 31st

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Please Information
Gumroad will promote the winners of the grants on their social media accounts (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook) and email list of over 100,000 creators. They will also engage with media outlets seeking outside coverage. Winners will need to submit a headshot and social media handle to Gumroad for promotional needs.

In addition, you give permission to Gumroad to use your name, headshot, and media handle for promotional purposes.

Acceptance of the grant gives Gumroad permission to do all of the above listed
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