WR 227 OER Instructor Resource
Welcome to the online survey form for adding new open educational resources (OERs) to PSU's WR227 data repository.

Most important of all the information below are four elements: (1) to identify a "book part," i.e., what focus/topic, (2) an active hyperlink, no 404 pages or dead links, please, (3) a descriptive name of the resource, e.g., “short customer complaint letter," and (4) a brief description in 25 words or less.

Other elements to include are, if known, keywords for genre, context, length, topic, constraints, the type of media (video, text/document, audio, slides) source, accessibility info (captioned, transcribed, screen reader?), OER copyright info. If applicable, tag resources for use (e.g., instructional for students, instructional for instructors, example documents, exercises, assignment prompts, quiz and discussion questions).

See below for more details, and email read3@pdx.edu with questions or issues.
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