OLAC: 2 Graduate Credits
EHHS 50093: Leadership and School Improvement: Current Topics in EDLE
Dr Mandy Cenker, instructor
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You are registering for two (2) graduate workshop credits at the discounted tuition rate of $324 for two credit hours. Once registered a confirmation email with online payment directions will be sent to you. Please allow 3-5 business days to process. Workshops are graded S for satisfactory and U for unsatisfactory. An S is equivalent to a B or better for graduate level work. Transcripts are FREE and available any time after August 30 for Summer semester, December 30 for Fall semester, and May 30 after Spring semester, by going to www.kent.edu/registrar/transcript-requests. Direct registration questions to pd@kent.edu. Payment due date is sent with confirmation email. (ONLINE PAYMENT ONLY)

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The Non-Ohio Resident fee IS WAIVED if you are taking WORKSHOPS ONLY this semester and not registered as a guest student or in a degree program. If you are taking classes in addition to workshops, the Non-Ohio Resident fee is required. The graduate Non-Resident Fee is $376. Total amount due if nonexempt is $1,578.
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