MISSION CRIT 6 - Volunteer Sign-up
California's premier fixed-race criterium is coming to the streets of San Francisco for the fifth year running! With over 300 racers and a tight course, we're looking for awesome people like you to help out!

You'll get a t-shirt, and a delicious sandwich from Gus' Market.

Saturday 20 April 2019
8:30am setup, last race finishes 10pm
Start/finish near 17th/Harrison, San Francisco

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When are you available? *
We'll only ask for 1 shift unless you let us know you'd like to do more. Sandwiches provided at the beginning or end of shifts, coffee provided for early morning shift workers.
Yesplz!! (if there is space)
Yes, if needed
Course marshal 6-10pm
Course marshal 2:30-6:30pm
Setup 8:30am - 12:30pm
Tear Down 9pm-11pm
Can you do more than 1 shift? *
Shirt size (unisex / Mens) *
Do you have radio experience? *
NOT BROADCAST RADIO – RADIOS LIKE WALKIE TALKIE TYPE RADIOS. Maybe you have worked as a bike messenger, or, like, a long haul trucker or something? If so you might be a good candidate for Zone Captain.
Have you officiated a bike race before? *
Do you have experience with a flag system? If so you might be a good candidate for Zone Captain.
Are you a physically largish person who feels comfortable denying people entry to places?
We will have some athletes and press-only areas that will need to be monitored, so if you feel comfortable doing this, please let us know!
Are you registered to race Mission Crit? *
Anything else you'd like us to know? Any questions for us?
Dietary requirements? Questions?
We will be in touch in early April to let you know when/where you're most needed!
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