PREC 703.001 Glassblowing 101
Description: This is an introduction to lampworking, the subset of glassblowing done on a torch. Students will learn some foundational elements of equipment and materials, including the basics of the propane/oxygen mix torch, kilns, and the properties of clear and colored borosilicate glass. After watching a demonstration of proper glass working technique, each student will receive individual instruction and guidance in the creation of a small glass necklace pendant or solid ornament. This includes shaping clear glass in the flame, adding colored glass, and manipulating color and pattern, and reshaping the glass. Students will have a choice choices of design and color. After the glass cools in the kiln, students can return to the studio to pick up their work or have it mailed at no extra cost.

Preceptorial Leader: Jim Loewer
Preceptorial Organizer: Alisha Joshi
Date and Time: October 22

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