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The TRUTH IN THE AMERICAS Initiative of the Rutgers University Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights explores the complexities of truth from a broad range of perspectives, bringing together scholars, practitioners, and artists to consider questions of memory, justice, and survival in the Americas through the lens of truth as a concept and a lived experience.

The Initiative connects a transnational network of scholars, practitioners, and artists exploring how societies navigate the legacies of violence in the Americas through the lens of truth. In response to genocide, violence, and systemic inequality, communities have often turned to truth as a grassroots response — a way to demand justice and rebuild their worlds. States also turn to truth as a form of accounting through forms of transitional justice such as truth commissions. Truth emerges as a contested concept and lived experience, as explored in through truth commissions, protests, storytelling, performance, memorials, literature, music, or other cultural and political practices. This initiative turns to memory, justice, and survival as a set of critical questions about truth in relation to violence and inequality in the Americas, as experienced in different nations and diaspora communities.

This digital network will connect scholars, artists, and practitioners to exchange ideas and share resources.

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*Cover image: On the Way (En Camino) Intaglio 60x40cms. 2001 – Copyright Mirta Kupferminc
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