WISMP 2019-2020 Student Mentee Application
Get a mentor! Network more! We're told these things, but no one explains how we should go about doing them and why they are important. The Women in STEM Mentorship Program was established in 2013. Since then, we've been matching hundreds of women STEM students at top universities with practicing women engineers and scientists from industry. Through informal mentorship sessions throughout the year, students get practical help and advantage in writing resumes and interviewing for internships and jobs, but they also get access to an established network that can help you to discover new careers and develop key interpersonal skills.

To be a mentee, the time commitment is:
1 hour / month (Oct-May) for mentorship meetings with your mentor -- some in person and some via video call

You must be a woman studying a STEM field at the University level to apply for the program.

Applying below is a commitment to the entire academic year of mentoring, as mentors are limited. We do our best to match students with mentors of similar fields of study, so we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to match you this year. Typically we start by matching graduate students / seniors, then juniors, etc etc. If you are a Freshman and you don't get matched this year, please do apply again next year. Matching will occur in September through October -- get your application in early to increase the likelihood of a high quality match.

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A school email is preferred, as many corporate email servers filter out generic emails. By providing your email, you grant us permission to: 1. share it with your mentor as contact information, 2. share it with your school's student liaison (usually through SWE), 3. to be used by our organization for events and announcements.
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You might include: academic interests, professional path, personal interests, or any preferences you have with respect to a mentor. Specificity is helpful in producing the best matches -- general answers are usually the last to be matched.
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Why are you interested in this program? *
Write a few sentences to help us learn more about you and what you're hoping to get out of the program. We have students flake out on the program after being matched with a mentor (which is very problematic as it burns mentors for future years), so please also tell us why this program is high enough priority that you will be able to commit to it.
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How did you hear about us?
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Who else should we be talking to?
Do you know other students who should apply? What about mentors? Please fill in their emails below with a short note on how they might fit!
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