Y-DNA Mutation Rate Project
[Until July 1, 2017 Only: each entry qualifies for one entry in a drawing for a free atDNA testing kit!]

A survey to collect information about the results of Y-DNA tests to learn about mutation rates for STR markers, among other possible goals.

This project is for the following relationships ONLY:

1. Father/Son
2. Paternal Grandfather/Grandson
3. Brothers
4. Paternal First Cousins
5. Uncle/Nephew
6. Second Cousins (as long as no closer relationship is submitted for the same common ancestor)
7. 1C1R (first cousins once removed)
8. 1C2R (first cousins twice removed)

Below, you are asked to enter in data for a relationship between two men. For example, you will enter their relationship, their haplogroup, the # of markers that are being compared between the two men, the total genetic distance, the markers that are different, and how different those markers are.

By providing answers below, you are agreeing that the information you submit will be analyzed and the results will be publicly shared. Identifying information will not be publicly shared other than with the members of the small Y-DNA Mutation Rate Project working group.

Relationship Between the Two Men:
Testing Company:
Their Haplogroup:
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Number of Markers Being Compared:
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Total Genetic Distance:
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Markers That are Different and Amount of Difference (ex. DYS393, 1; DYS390, 1; DYS19, 3) (Enter "0" for none):
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