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This form is to make a request to move your build(s) to a private instance, or to simply request the schematic file.

After you've filled out the form, you will be contacted on the Minecraft server by the "/mail" command.

Please use the optional comments section so that we copy over your entire build in case you have some hidden areas in your base underground or something we miss.

If you have multiple builds please make multiple submissions so that everything is clean neat and organized in the spreedsheet the responses are recorded to!

Thank you!~
Minecraft username *
Required: please specific your name so that we know who the build belongs to!
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The dimension and coordinates to your build *
Please mention what dimension your build is in and the coordinates. You can see the coordinates by pressing "F3", the X, Y, and Z numerals.
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Move your build to your private instance? *
Your build will be removed from where its located and sent to your instance if you select "Yes". Instances are protected areas inside on the Sanctuary world. They are protected from grief and world wipes. You can create an instance with the command "/ic" and you can always get to your instance through the portal at spawn or typing "/i" or "/instance".
Optional: Do you want your builds' schematic file send to you?
The schematic file is used with any building or world editing mod or plugin to easily paste builds into a Minecraft world. If you want it, you can have it.
Optional: Comments are left here
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