2021 Annual Awards
Here's a bit of information about the four annual awards. If you already know this information, please scroll down and click the "Next" button to proceed to the nomination section.

Award winners will be celebrated during the annual, virtual Gala on April 17th.

1. Citizen of the Year:

A person conducting significant volunteer service in the Atascadero Community and its surrounding

Criteria for Selection:
• Holds professional and non-professional accomplishments toward the betterment of the
Atascadero Community.
• Demonstrates outstanding character and citizenship traits.
• Is a civic leader.
• Does not necessarily have to be in business.
• Cannot be an elected public official.

2. Entrepreneur of the Year:

A person conducting outstanding business or profession in the City of Atascadero.

Criteria for Selection:
• Exhibits a high standard of professionalism.
• Treats clients with dignity and respect, while maintaining professional confidences.
• Maintains a clean, attractive place of business.
• Has a courteous, helpful, well trained staff.
• Maintains an interest and is involved in their community.
• Overcame the limitations of COVID-19 to reimagine their business.

3. Business of the Year:

A business who contributes time, energy, and resources to the Atascadero Community.

Criteria for Selection:
• Serve the needs of the community.
• Works actively to promote their business.
• Maintains a clean, well-stocked, attractive place of business.
• Has well-trained, courteous, helpful staff.
• Is progressive and innovative in business practices.
• Maintains an interest and is involved in the community.
• Does a substantial volume of business.
• Overcame the limitations of COVID-19 to excel at business.

4. Community Organization/Non-Profit of the Year:

An organization that has made a significant contribution to the betterment of Atascadero through
service, programming, and activities.

Criteria for Selection:
• Demonstrates a fulfillment of its organizational mission.
• Embodies and instills its core values.
• Contributes to the Atascadero community as stated above.
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