CS349D: Fall 2017 Application Form
CS349D is a new course on cloud computing. The class focuses primarily on the systems infrastructure for cloud computing. You can find a detailed description at cs349d.stanford.edu.

Since the course includes student-led, in-class discussions of papers and a research project, we will use this application form to select the right students for the class. Please fill it out as honestly and completely as you can.

The ideal background for a CS349D student is:
- Good background in computer systems (e.g., have taken some classes on operating systems, networking, or distributed systems).
- Some systems research background or work experience/internship is a plus.
- The class is open to students of all levels, PhD, masters, or undergraduates.

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Which systems courses have you taken at Stanford or other institutions.
Briefly describe any research experience, current research, or systems experience (work/internship/projects)
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