Persepolis 6
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p. 72a
Marji's father reports that, "They've occupied the U.S. Embassy!" Who is the 'they' that he referring to?
p. 72b
Marji's "great dream," was
p. 73a
Marji's family learns that the government has closed all of the
p. 73b
Marji's other dream that "went up in smoke" was
p. 74a
This page asserts that "two bearded fundamentalists"
p. 74b
The word, "obligatory" in the final panel of this page probably means:
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p. 75a
According to this page, how does "The Modern Woman" show opposition to the regime?
p. 75b
Based on context clues, the word, "regime" near the top of this page probably means:
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p. 75c
According to this page, several characters exaggerate about:
p. 76
On this page, what are Iranian women protesting against?
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pp. 78-79b
What information from the text supports your answer choice for the previous question? Describe an image, summarize, or use a quotation.
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