Construction Action Plan Survey
As Metrolinx construction ramps up the impact on the street is changing. People are talking about responses and counter- actions to the construction. Several ideas have been expressed about ways in which to respond to the construction.
What do you think? Please answer below.
We will host a planning session to identify actions , once a significant number of responses have been received. Please indicate your availability int he survey below.
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1. Construction has impacted business in a number of ways, the most obvious being parking, construction hoarding, and the blocked sidewalk. What has your business done in response to the following issues?
(Ie. What have you trued to do to overcome these issues?)
Loss of parking:
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Construction hoarding / barricades:
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Slow foot traffic:
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2. What were the outcomes?
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3. What are your expectations of the BIA during construction? (We can not get involved in legal action.)
4. In considering the BIA marketing and communications activities. What do you think should be our primary communication goal? (Please consider the outcome. For example do you want people to come to Eglinton or do you want people to stay away? Which message will achieve your desired outcome?)
Do you have any other suggestions for the BIA?
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5. Proposed meeting dates and times
We are inviting businesses to gather and discuss an action plan for businesses and for the BIA.
It would be best for affected businesses to have a group discussion about the best way to respond. Occasionally the BIA receives conflicting feedback, so it would be nice to get a sense of the sentiments arising from a group discussion.
What is the best time of the day for you to meet?
What days of the week are you able to meet (noting your available time frames from above)
6. Provide a brief description of other construction impacts that have not yet been mentioned:
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Please email any photos of construction impact to Make sure to include your name and business name in the email.
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Note: The two following proposals were tabled to Council late last year. They were developed in response to business suffering along Eglinton.
Supporting a Vibrant Eglinton Avenue during Crosstown Construction -

Potential Policies and Programs to Support Toronto Retail Areas

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