JHU Pre-Professional Programs & Advising- Law Professions Questionnaire PART 1

In completing this form, please make note of the code(s) for your major, a second major (if applicable), and a minor (if applicable).

Major and Minor Codes:

AF Africana Studies
AN Anthropology
AM Applied Mathematics & Statistics
AR Archaeology
BB Behavioral Biology
BE Bio Eng
BD Bioengineering Innovation & Design
BI Biology
BP Biophysics
CM Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
CH Chemistry
CC Civil Engineering
CL Classics
CG Cognitive Science
CE Computer Engineering
CS Computer Science
EP Earth & Planetary Sciences
EA East Asian Studies
EC Economics
EL Electrical and Computer Engineering
EE Electrical Engineering
EM Engineering Management
EG Engineering Mechanics
EN English
ES Environmental Earth Sciences
EH Environmental Engineering
FM Film/Media Studies
FI Financial Mathematics
FS French
GS General Engineering
GO Geography
GA Geography and Environmental Engineering
GM German
GE Global Environmental Change & Sustainability
HI History
HT History of Art
HO History of Science, Medicine & Technology
ID Interdisciplinary Studies
IR International Studies
IS Italian
LA Latin American Studies
MS Materials Science & Engineering
MA Mathematics
MH Mechanical Engineering
MC Molecular and Cellular Biology
NS Natural Sciences
NE Near Eastern Studies
NR Neuroscience
PL Philosophy
PH Physics
PO Political Science
PS Psychology
PU Public Health Studies
RL Romance Languages
RU Russian
SI Security Informatics
SO Sociology
SN Spanish
WS Writing Seminars