BYU China Conference 2018-19
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Introduction to BYU China Conference
Our Vision
-       To direct individuals with exceptional experiences of China to share their knowledge
-       To help attendees discover their own roads that lead to or through China

Our Mission
-       Create a meaningful experience for attendees in learning about opportunities in China through inviting influential keynote speakers, organizing meaningful activities, and well-prepare materials and rundown
-       Create a strong and cohesive team by sharing the same goal and vision, creating organizational chart for the conference and appoint Directors, Associate Directors and respective volunteers with clearly defined job responsibilities and expectations
-       Create an instructional manual as reference to support future chairpersons direction and execution of the BYU China Conference   
-       Create an advisory board for BYU China Conference to elicit support from all departments on campus
- Increase students’ awareness of BYU China Conference through expansive marketing events and promotion

Conference Date
February 15-16, 2019 (Tentative)
Description of Directors' Roles
Operations & Finances
• Execute operational efficiency to facilitate smooth rundown of Conference by securing all materials and equipment necessary; perform financial roles in pricing and expenditure-related procedures

• Promote BYU China Conference and encourage participation rate by reaching a wide variety of audiences throughout the valley, including students, faculty, members of the community, and professionals

Human Resources
• Inspire team spirit and coordinate administrative functions of the committee and conference

Public Relations
• Establish BYU China Conference’s reputation within campus and in the community; establish partnership with on-campus and off-campus organizations

Opportunity Specialist
• Create opportunities for students to connect with local, national, and international persons that will be involved with the venues, employment, service, or other opportunities as it relates to the China area

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Interview Times:
Thank You!
We will contact you with more information and coordinate a time to meet with you based on your response to the interview times. We know that this will be a very rewarding experience, and hope that you will gain valuable experience in leadership and in China during your time as a Director and Committee Member!

For more information, please email:
Phillip Ng:
Megan Chan:

Faculty Director
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