Running With Scissors Studios Rental Application
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Art Studio Rental Guidelines
Running With Scissors studio artists are expected to cooperate with the staff and each other in maintaining a pleasant, productive workplace also friendly to the public. Each artist helps us create a professional studio environment and supports a consistent, positive community in the art space.

Studio artist are asked to follow guidelines that include, but are not limited to:

1. Signed Contract. You must sign an occupancy agreement of either a year for Resident Members, or for a term no less than three months for Associate Members. Occupancy agreements will be reviewed every year dependent upon individual leases to ensure that artists remain active contributors to the RWS community.

2. Security Deposit. A security deposit of a month’s rent ($150 for associates) is required and is refundable if the space is well maintained and returned as it was found. There is a penalty of a months’ rent if the studio is vacated before the lease ends. This does not include use of the security deposit.

3. Membership. An annual membership fee of $50 is required, due every January or at first lease signing and then every January thereafter. This covers administrative and general space services including private, secure 24/7 access and door activation code, WiFi and password, web and social media inclusion, opportunities for showing and participation in RWS events, parking pass, bike rack use, media center use and more.

4. Fees. All utilities, janitorial, water, and dumpster use and common space garbage is included in your monthly rent. Additional fees may be required for specific access to equipment or use of space such as classroom rental, photography room, kiln firing fees and others.

5. Insurance. Consider what insurance coverage you may need, if any. RWS is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

6. Access. All studio artists will have individual access to the building and studio spaces and equipment as pertains to their lease. RWS staff may need to access your space for emergency situations or to perform repairs or to show the space before you vacate as new members consider your space. You may not change any locks or passages into your space at any time.

7. Studio Participation. All studio artists should be inclusive of each other try to participate in all-studio events and collaborations understanding that providing a rich, diverse art center experience to the wider community is an important part of our mission.

8. Schedule. You need to respect all calendar and event schedules for gallery, common area spaces and gallery extension. We will give as much notice time as possible in consideration.

9. Events. We will participate in some open and closed door gallery events and ask that you respect those involved or participate when appropriate. Also, when studios are open to the public for studio crawl, artists are responsible for their participation and care for their space.

10. Exhibition. Gallery and hallways are available for rent for display. Please ask permission first before engaging in any work on those or any public space, to arrange rentals or otherwise.

11. Community. It is essential that you cooperate with RWS staff and fellow artists and with other guidelines that pertain to safety and common courtesy.

Resident Artists are professional (emerging, established and in between) artists who have the technical skill and experience to work independently (fire their own work in the studio kilns, use equipment once certified and understand their materials ad use). Resident Artists have access to their own private spaces.

Membership Levels & Department specifics;
Clay Center; Resident artists will have access to all of the common area equipment such as wheels, slab roller, an extruder, as well as access to the dry materials room and kiln room. While resident artists are welcome to use the wheels in the common area equipment, they are primarily intended for associate artist use. High production artists are expected to have their own wheel for their space.

Print Shop; There are no Resident specific Print Memberships. Resident artists will have the opportunity to add on a membership to the RWS Print shop giving them access to all of the common area equipment such as relief presses, screen printing equipment, hand tools, contents of ink and flammables cabinet, drying racks, exposure units, standing press, hot plates, screen clamps, etching tanks, flat files, and work tables.

Wood Shop;
There are no resident members. Resident artists will have the opportunity to add on a membership to the RWS woodshop giving them access to all of the common area equipment such as band saw, table saw, drill press, chop saw, sanding bench, work tables, hand tools, lathe, spray booth, dust collection and more.

Associate Artists;
Associate Artists work in a specific department as their base workspace and medium but are not limited to that medium. They are developing artists who have previous experience in either Print, Wood, Clay or Digital arts and are looking for more access, privacy and shelf space, OR experienced artists who are using the space until a suitable Resident space opens. We offer first options to our Associate artist members for available Resident spaces before opening to the public.

Clay Associate artists work in the common studio area equipped with wheels, a slab roller, an extruder, a wedging table, and work tables. Associate artists are provided with generous shelving for each artist. Associate Artists' are not required to learn how to fire the kilns on their own but they are welcome to learn.

Print Associate artists work in the RWS Print Shop and have all the same access to equipment as listed above in the Resident membership, but also have ample locker storage and a flat-file for personal use. Additional files can be rented on a monthly basis as available.

Wood Shop Associate artists work in the woodshop with same tool and space access listed above. They also have use of the tables and storage adjacent to the woodshop. Lockers and minimal raw materials space are also included. ONLY 2 of these memberships are available at any given time as space is very limited.

*Both Resident Artists and Associate Artists have 24 hour studio availability. The monthly rent does not include any personal art materials, non-specified equipment rental, kiln firings or raw materials, but may be purchased through the studio for additional fees.

A committee reviews all applications based on the following criteria: Applicant's level of professionalism, artistic quality of work, and commitment to the studio community.
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